You are using Sketchup Pro on too many machines

I read that to move SketchUp Pro to a new machine, all I had to do was sign out on the old machine, download SU on the new machine and then sign back in. But after doing this I get an error message that says “you are using SU on too many machines”. How could that be? I signed out…

I found the answer and did a de-authorize all in manage my subscriptions. Another question however,
why don’t I see the classic license? All I see is the annual subscription

That page you saw is just subscription products. Classic licenses are shown on a different page.

There is an oddity where if you have signed in with 2019 and 2020 on the same machine, it counts as two sign ins. Normally you should be able to have SketchUp installed on each of your computers, and then make sure you’re only signed with one or two SketchUps. Now that deauthorize all gave you a fresh start you can sign in on a different second machine.

I could argue that that should be referred to as ‘bug’, but I would rather see a more general ‘Sign out’ in the AMP, regardless of what account, product, etc.
A simple section on the left with 'Your Devices" where you can see what devices that Trimble ID is using/has used and options to sign out per device:

Ok guys, I have read all the threads on this issue I think. I have deauthorized all on everything included in SketchupPro. I have kicked everyone off of our subscription, and added them back. We’ve all signed out, signed back in, done the hokey-pokey and turned ourselves around. No “fix” is working. We are not able to use our full subscription at this point, and its not effecting our ability to do business. Please send help. Need to get things to clients today.

Only the person who sees the message needs to do anything, and in the account management page they would only want to deauthorize devices for SketchUp Pro. You as admin, or any of the not affected users, won’t help affected users.

affected users keeps changing. we are actually testing this now and I have a user that can log in on two machines. He’s logged out from one as this was a test. Now admin can’t use Sketchup and I can’t either. Can you please just call me? This is a really poor platform for resolving issues related to license lockout. We have literally done every method you guys instruct folks to use.



Same problem here.
I am subscribed to Sketchup Pro, just downloaded Sketchup Pro 2021, and am told I use SketchUp on too many machines. I had just uninstalled 2020 a few minutes before (and restarted in between), and there’s no other currently logged in machine.
I tried multiple times to un-authorize all devices in my on-line account, tried it with different browsers, but no effect, the problem is still here.
So right now, I cannot access SketchUp anymore…

Can you help asap please?

…allright, no idea why, but trying again a few minutes after my message, tweaking absolutely nothing and without restarting the machine, SU 2021 now launches fine.

Does the Un-authorize command need a bit of time to propagate?

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*grabs popcorn

I’m a bit paranoid of going back to the office because of all this - both home and work machines are desktops

It shouldn’t take any time, but you do have to close SketchUp and open it again, or sign out and in. Either way should immediately give you the available sign in, it doesn’t refresh while you are looking at the too many sign ins message.

One thing to know, the uninstalling of 2020 did not free up its sign in. That’s a change that was made with 2021, if you uninstall 2021, it does attempt to sign you out.

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