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I have a Pro license. Is this license for 1 machine only? It seems that if I forget to shutdown SU at home and when I take my laptop out in the field to use SU I get an error that says I’m using too many machines and then I can’t do any work outside of home.

Do I have to pay for two licenses?


You should be able to have SketchUp running on up to two machines. Your profile says you are using SU2020. Do you have a Subscription or a Classic license?

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subscription on most recent update - need to update my profile with that

Maybe you need to release older versions of SketchUp. You should be able to log in to your Trimble connect account ( and manage the subscription to release the older SketchUp version.

I think that this is how it has been designed to work. You can have SketchUp authorized on two computers but you can have the app open on only one at a time.

No, though you may be logged in on two devices, you can be logged in on three (and work simultaneously)

However, you may only use the software when logged in with a personal Trimble ID (eg. not

Licenses are personal
Terms of service 1.2:

There is also a slight change in the terms about usage in a virtual environment (1.4) which I will have to investigate a bit more…

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Each version of SketchUp on one machine will seem like a new sign in. Your previous use of 2020 may take up one of the sign ins you want to use with 2022. Open any version of SketchUp you have installed, and sign out from the ones you’re not going to be using. For example, see the too many sign ins with 2022 on the laptop, go to your PC and open 2020, sign out and close SketchUp. Now go back to the laptop and sign out, and in again, and there should be an available authorization.

Thanks for the info, I’ll try that.

I thought I had a license but didn’t work when renewing 2022?
Who can I contact about this?

thank you,
Billy G


I tried this and it didn’t work. I can’t get any work done. Here is what I keep getting on each machine.

Maybe someone at SU can look at my account and see what going on???

I’ve updated my desktop SU to 2022, but can’t update laptop as I keep getting this screen shot.

Thank you

When you see that message, do a sign out, and a sign in, and it should then be ok.

Your suggestion didn’t work. I’ve signed in, signed out multiple times.

I’ve upgraded to 2022.

I’m signed out on laptop. I’ve upgraded on laptop to 2022. Still getting this message.

Can someone take a second to look at my account and see what’s going on asap?

I have a customer waiting on drawings due Friday.

I get message saying I’m “signed in to all things sketchy” and can close window. I try and launch su and get exceeded allowances.

How do I change my account to classic license so I don’t have this problem in the future?


I still can’t sign in to account. Is there a tech support number for customers? I need this fixed.

Thank you

If you are fixing the issue on Mac, in Finder use the Go menu, Go to Folder… and paste in this text:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2022/login_session.dat

That will highlight the login data file. Delete that file and open SketchUp again.


I tried this and the copied text didn’t do anything in finder. Nothing was activated when entering text.

I have something due today and need to fix this.

Daniel O’Kane

Check to see if you got a direct message from me. It would show as a green number next to your avatar in the top right of this page.