"Using SU on too many machines" after factory reset on MacBook

I have a SU Pro license with SU Pro 2021. I just had to factory reset my MacBook, and now upon signing in it is telling that I am Running SU on too many machines.

Which I am not. I have one other machine and no other users on my account.

It tells me to “Manage my subscription” but there are no ways to log out of other machines etc.

A SketchUp Pro / Studio subscription is personal and linked to a Trimble ID. With this subscription you can use SketchUp Pro on a maximum of 2 devices. For example, a desktop at the office and a laptop for on the road.

But you can also be logged in to 2 versions of SketchUp on 1 device. Logging in to a SketchUp Pro version is also seen as a device. As a result, the device counter will also be at 2. If you then log in on another device, you will receive a message that you are using SketchUp on too many devices.

If you’re using SketchUp Pro on too many devices, follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Go to myaccount.trimble.com and sign up with the correct email address (Trimble ID).
  2. Click on ‘My Products’ on the left in the menu and then click ‘View Included Applications’.
    At the bottom right of the SketchUp Pro product you will find the link ‘Manage devices’.
  3. Click on this “Manage devices” link and then click on the blue “Deauthorize All” button in the pop-up menu.
  4. Now you will be logged out of all SketchUp products on all devices.
    The device counter is at 0 and you can now log in again on a device.
  5. Restart SketchUp or LayOut and then log in again.

The problem is now solved!

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@nnijmeijer thank you so much! Worked PERFECTLY. Thanks again!

You’re welcome! :smiley:

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