Unable to log-in (too many devices)

I’m certain this will have been asked before, but I’m having problems with the subscription being active on too many devices. This is only a recent development with the latest 2020 SketchUp and it’s proving very irritating. Most people these days move between say their laptop and desktop.

I’ve now signed out of all possible devices but still can’t get SketchUp to see that I just want to use my desktop… Does anyone know of a way to effectively time-out / sign-out of all other devices and use the one your sat at?

Really frustrating as you try to work…


Try this

Thank you. Will give this a try. I managed to fix it by irritatingly having to remove myself as a ‘Seat’ and then add it again… Madness.

That was a slow motion version of deauthorizing your devices I guess!

One thing to know, there is still an imperfection in the system, that I have shown to others here. Currently if you sign in with 2019 and 2020 on the same machine, that looks like two sign ins. You could get a case where it says too many sign ins, and the solution isn’t to persist in trying to sign in to 2020, but instead open 2019, sign out, then try 2020.

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Thanks!! That worked!