Upgrading to latest version of Sketchup

I am trying to upgrade my office computer to the latest version of Sketchup, 2020. When I try to open it after upgrading, it sends me to a Account Management page. It says I am logged in at too many placed. I AM NOT. I have only two laptops with the software. I have Sketchup Pro and need help. I understand that I can have the software on two different computers at once. Why am I getting this error? Thank you

The too many sign ins can happen for a few different reasons. For example, still being signed into SketchUp 2019 when you then sign in to 2020 on the same machine, can look like two sign ins. On my Mac I have Windows 10 running in Parallels, and can exceed the sign ins limit on one computer.

When it happens, go to this page:


Choose My Products, and in the the product you have (Shop, Pro, Studio), click on View Included Applications. In the affected product, SketchUp Pro for example, click on Manage Devices, and deauthorize all devices.

That will effectively sign you out everywhere, and you can sign in again, and no longer see that message. If you do still see it, sign out, then sign in again.