I get a "licence used in too many computers" error, but I'm using the same computer as always, but I can't login

out of nowhere i loggout and cannot login again, the message that i am using too many computers, but im using the same laptop, not upgraded, not formated, not another and i dont have another machine installed. i tried to click in the manage activations button but nothing works! and i cant open anything or work in anything cause it wont open… what can i do?

@colin’s your guy.

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go into your Trimble account then My products. expand the Sketchup product. you’ll see the manage devices. remove the machines you aren’t using, or clear them all and log back in on the machine you want to use.

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thanks! it worked.

not sure how it claims that i was logged in more then one machine, but it worked!!!

Each copy of SketchUp you sign in under counts as an additional activation. So, if you still had SketchUp 2019 and 2020 installed and you never had signed out from them, signing in to 2021 would look like a third sign in. By deauthorizing all devices you have temporarily stopped all versions from being authorized, but if you were to ever reopen 2019 or 2020, they would successfully sign in again, and you could get back to the same situation.

If that is what was the case for you, another way to have solved the problem would have been to open the older versions, sign out, and then close them. That would have kept your sign ins freed up for 2021 to use.