Why is Sketchup 2021 telling me there are too many people using my license?

I resisted installing 2021 because the transition to new versions of Sketchup hasnt always been smooth or fun. Sure enough, transitioning to 2021 is a pain too.
I installed the software, Signed into my Trimble account, but I am not able to use the software because I’m using Sketchup on too many machines. Don’t really know how that can be since I only have it installed on one machine, unless Sketchup 2021 considers one machine to be one too many? I’ve clicked on the Manage Activations button which takes me to my Trimble account page, I see that I have only the one license, but there is no way of know how many computers I have Sketchup installed on.
yay. so much fun.

The login in other versions (on the same machine!) counts as a seat, there’s something to be improved there.
The AMP (where you ‘see your license’) has a ‘My Products’ tab as well, if you click on the Pro product, View Included Applications, you will see SketchUp Pro.

It has three linked buttons (One on top, Download, two at the bottom, ‘Learn’ and ‘Manage Devices’

Clicking on the last should reset the count (which cannot be seen!)

Then, you need to sign out, still, to trigger your system that it’s ok, for now. Then sign back in.

You can close the tabs in the browser and get back to work.