Can't start Sketchup because of incorrect authorization error

I only have Sketchup Pro 2021 installed on one computer yet I’m getting this message.

“You are using SketchUp Pro on too many machines. Please sign-out from another machine, or manage your activations below.”

I’m right in the middle of a deadline and Trimble/Sketchup support seems to be none existent. Regretting buying subscription Sketchup.

Do you have any other versions of SU installed on that computer?

I think that being logged in on some older version (2019 or 2020) can ‘use up’ one of the licences. So log out of any other version(s) you have signed in on (they don’t have to be running to use a licence, I believe).

If not, then I don’t know enough about the licensing to help further.

But @colin might be able to help you.

The manage subscriptions button will take you to this page:

In there, select My Products, then for the SketchUp Pro panel click on View Included Applications. In the SketchUp Pro box click on Manage Devices. Then you can deauthorize all.

On the computer you are using you can either close and reopen SketchUp, or sign out and sign in again.

All these comments were helpful and I’m back to work. Thanks all.