SketchUp Pro is installed on too many computers License error

I just renewed my license from Trimble to use SketchUp Pro ( subscription ) and as soon as my license was renewed, SketchUp started to give me an error telling me that I’m using my license on too many computers. I just paid for the second year and paid more again to add a license for my employee and now I can’t use the software AT ALL.

I lost money because of that, it has been around 2 weeks that I can’t manage to fix that issue and obviously it’s totally impossible from Canada to reach any Customer Support.

Could someone help me with that issue?

Thanks a lot.

EDIT: I’ve never been able to reach any Customer Support at all, I just posted this message but while I was writing this post, my IT guys ( that I paid…again ) finally found the solution.

He removed all the licenses that I had in the console and reassigned the license. The root cause might have been that I upgraded to 2021 version, and my license might have stucked with the 2020 version.

I just have 1 thing to said, I’ll never renew any license with Trimble SketchUP since the price I paid is far to justify the incredibly bad service I received

same issue. can find the help on this…

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worked! thankyou holy C upgrading is such a pain in the …