Sketchup Pro on too many machines

I am currently encountering an issue with the Pro version of the software that I have subscribed to. When I attempt to install the software, I receive a message indicating that further installation cannot be completed.

This issue might be related to a previous unexpected computer malfunction. During that incident, my computer required repairs, and I did not have the opportunity to deactivate the software license. I presume this could be causing the current inability to install.

Despite my efforts to reset or deactivate the license, I have been unable to find any method to do so. Any guidance or solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Are you running the installer as administrator? I don’t think a license issue could be causing this, it might be something related to your pc.

If it is impossible to activate your SketchUp on a workstation and SketchUp displays an error message.
First of all disconnect from the current SketchUp application by clicking on the top right on the small character then connect to your Trimble account via this link:
Go to “my products”, then click on “See included applications” In the insert reserved for SketchUp Pro you should find a button “Manage devices”

If it is failing during installation, it is not due to being activated too many times.
If the installation is failing, then this indicates something else is wrong.

You will get a message about that only when you run SketchUp