"Please authorize Sketch Up"

I use Sketch Up Pro every day. I just tried to open a file and got this message:

You are using Sketch Up Pro on too many machines. Please sign out from another machine or manage your activations below. I have 5 licenses and 4 users, so what they are saying seems impossible.

Any suggestions?

What version opens when you try to open a file?
Do you have classic licenses only? Or also subscription licenses?
Are you in a virtual environment?

2021 opens. I have 5 seats on a subscription. It shows 4 active. I don’t think I’m in a virtual environment but not sure what that is. Thanks.

If you have subscription each version of SketchUp where you are logged in counts as a ‘Device’ so the count on one machine even may be more than you think.
Manage the devices on myaccount.trimble.com (log in with the email address that uses SketchUp)
On the left, choose ‘My Products’ than hit ‘View included Apps’ and under SketchUp Pro, use the ‘Manage Devices’ link to deauthorize all.
This will reset the count.
Restart SketchUp and log in if necessary.

Btw. each team member needs to do this for themselves, you cannot do this for them being an admin, in case they’re running into this problem.