Sketchup Pro 2021 and 2 Computers


I have a License for SU Pro 2021. About 1 month ago I had SU 2020 on my home computer and 2021 on my work computer.

I uninstalled 2020 on my home computer and upgraded to 2021 however my work computer is giving me the message below

You are using SketchUp Pro on too many machines. Please sign-out from another machine, or manage your activations below.

I’m thinking this will be a quick fix, but unfortunately, I cannot figure it out on my own. I saw some other post regarding this topic and I saws something about a graphic card issue but I was a bit lost.

Is there an easy solution to this issue!

Thanks in advance

Each version of SketchUp that is signed in counts. If on one machine you uninstall 2020 without having signed out, when you install 2021 and sign in, that will seem like a second sign in. If you have two computers both of which had signed in with 2020 and now 2021, soon you will seem to be signed in four times.

For your interest, the 2021 installer has been changed, so that when you uninstall it does attempt to sign you out as well.

Meanwhile, sign into this page:

choose My Procucts. Under your SketchUp Pro subscription panel, click on View Included Applications. In the box that appears for SketchUp Pro, click on Manage Devices, and then deauthorize all devices.

Now you can close then reopen SketchUp on your work computer, and it will sign in ok. When you next use SketchUp on the home computer you should close and reopen SketchUp, to let it re-authorize that computer as well.

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Hello Colin,

Right on the money! that work brilliantly, thank you very much.