Sketchup pro 2021 on too many pc but I get only 1 PC

Hi everybody!
Yesterday I upgraded my sketchup pro 2020 to 2021 and now, when I want to open Sketchup, the program tell me that it is installed on too many PCs but I only have 1. I’m in stressed because I have to send urgently a project to a client… could you please help me? Many thanks in advance

Each sign in you do counts as an extra person using SketchUp. Unfortunately, that also includes if you are signed in with 2019 and 2020, an attempt to sign in on 2021 would look like a third person, even though you are on one computer.

You could open 2020 and sign out, then the sign in to 2021 should work, or you can go to My Products on this page:

Click View Included Applications in the SketchUp Pro panel, and the first of the many boxes that appears is for SketchUp Pro (meaning the desktop applications). Click on Manage Devices, and then deauthorize all devices.

That will free up your sign ins. If 2021 isn’t immediately ok, either close SketchUp and reopen it, or sign out, then sign in again, for it to be authorized again.