Sketchup Pro Subscription 2022 Upgrade

I have recently upgraded to Sketchup Pro 2022 [Subscription]. Earlier, with the 2021 version, I would be able to move between my laptop and PC without any issues. But now I get an onscreen message that my activation has already exceeded. I have now to actually sign out of my sketchup pro 22 on my laptop, inorder to open it in my PC. If I forget to sign-out in laptop and shut the laptop down, I cannot sign into Sketchup in my PC. I have to open my laptop again, open up Sketchup and signout from there.

make sure you are signed out of 2021 on both devices, I think you can only be signed into 2 instances of SketchUp at a time…

Thanks for getting back.
I have signed out from both and then signed back in. My concern is that will I always need to remember to sign out from one machine (say PC) when I end my session, so that I can then sign back in to the other machine (say laptop) ? This has never happened before, the subscription license has been ‘floating’ , and as long as I was only working on one Machine at a given time, it would not really give my any pop up message that you have run out of your maximum number of sign ins or some such thing.
I guess what would happen automatically is that if I were continuing working on that same machine, I would find myself signed in, and when I would open it up on the other, it would ask me to sign in, and it would allow me to proceed, I guess because the previous machine would not be obtained n or active.

Anyways, I will give it a try/run a few more times to see how it goes.

Should I uninstall the 2021 version on both the machines to see if that helps with the seamless working between the two machines ?
Could the 2021 version sitting there on both the machines be creating conflict ?

Please advise.

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Try this thread:

or maybe here:

If you do uninstall 2021, make sure to have signed out before doing that.

There is a change in 2022 that would explain why it’s different now. Previously, if you have SketchUp closed everywhere, and you deauthorize all, each time a SketchUp was opened somewhere it would automatically sign that copy back in. That could lead to cases where you had deauthorized all, but then someone opened SketchUp on the machine at the office, and soon you again would not be able to sign in at home.

With 2022 that does add the extra step of having to sign out and sign in again after deauthorizing all, you can no longer just close and reopen SketchUp.

I think you won’t need to uninstall 2021. Make sure that only one version of SketchUp is signed in at the office, and you should be ok to sign in out home.

Its all good now guys !
It was simply making sure that I was signed out of the 2021 version.
Once that was taken care of, things are back to normal, just like ‘the old good days’
Seamless working between PC and Laptop now, without worrying about manually signing out from one device to work on the other.


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I upgraded to Pro 2022, but I can’t open it. I get that message about too many instances… I do what they recommend…deauthorize all instances, and I have logged out of both instances. So, not logged in anywhere and I still can’t open 2022. I’ve communicated with Trimble support, and all they do is say to follow the instructions about managing my account and deauthorizing. I’ve emailed the Trimble support person that had responded to me intitially, but now she doesn’t respond to my emails. I’m really frustrated.

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Make sure you close all instances.
If all fails, try to delete the login_session.dat file in the user AppData.

Deleting older versions would not help. After the sign out of the older version you may still need to sign out and in again with 2022. If that doesn’t work, deleting the login_session.dat that is in %AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\ would be the next thing to try.

Are you aware that the folder is hidden so it won’t show up in searches?
Opening the Start menu and typing %appdata% and Enter should get you there.

No need to show hidden files. Copy this text and paste it into File Explorer’s path field. That should take you to the right folder:

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp

Did this work for Windows and does anyone know how to do the same for macOS Monterey 12.3.1? I’ve got the exact same problem and done the same process with no joy.

On Mac you would go to Finder, and from the Go menu choose Go to Folder…

In the dialog that appears, paste in this text:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2022/

As with Windows, that will take you to the folder where the login_session.dat file is located.