SketchUp 2021 thinks I'm logged in elsewhere and won't let me use it

I updated my desktop PC to the 2021 subscription and it was working as expected. Yesterday I installed it on my laptop I take to meetings and now I cannot get my Desktop to work because it says I have it running on too many machines. The laptop is logged out of Sketchup, and it’s turned off. I’ve rebooted the desktop, and it still won’t let me open 2021. Do I have to uninstall it completely from the Laptop??

If you have a subscription, SketchUp is looking for logged in instances of 2021, 2020, or 2019. If you have older versions logged in on other computers, they will count against your max activation count.

When you see that message there is a Manage Subscriptions button you can click on. If you don’t have access to the other machines that might still be signed in, follow these steps to deauthorize the other machines from the account management page:

Thanks for the replies guys!

I wasn’t logged in on any other machines. I have 2020 on my iMac Classic license but I had logged out and rebooted that machine in an attempt to resolve the issue.

I did the de-authorize trick and it worked so now the Desktop PC is running again. It was a bit frustrating because logging out and shutting down the computer should be all I need to do since I am a single Pro user only logged into one machine at a time. Hopefully this is not a re-occurring issue.

You have a fresh start now, and if it happens again you can think about any sign in and outs you have done that may still be haunting you.

One change in 2021 is that the uninstaller on Windows attempts to sign you out. Some people would remove 2019 when upgrading to 2020, and possible hit the problem because the now uninstalled 2019 was still signed in. Without the deauth-all approach they would have to reinstall 2019 just to sign out.

That doesn’t help Mac, because you uninstall by dragging the folder to Trash, so you would want to make sure the old one was signed out before deleting the folder.