Authorize SketchUp

I have this message:

“You are using SketchUp Pro on many machines. Log out on another machine or manage your activations below.”

But I have installed it on just one machine!

If you have a subscription, the 2019 logins count, too.
Go to your AMP (manage subscriptions) and view your plan details.
Then you will have the option to ‘Deauthorize All’

(Do not click ‘Ok’)

Yesterday this problem happened with SketchUp 2019, to solve the problem I uninstalled the program and installed 2020 today, but the problem persists.

I checked my plan subscription and it is activated!!

I want to write a posts about this some time. You can uses Mike’s tip on deauthorize all, which you would need to do if you have uninstalled the version that you had signed in on, or if you had signed in on a computer that you don’t have access to.

I did some testing, and I believe that when you sign in with 2019 it counts as a different sign in on 2020. This means that if you have updated to 2020 on two machines, you could quickly end up signing in four times. I use Parallels to do Windows testing, and can get the error message because I am effectively signed in four times on a single machine.

The solution to that case is to open 2019, sign out, close 2019, open 2020, sign out, then sign in again. I’ve done this many times now, and it does fix the problem without having to deauthorize all.

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The thing is, it doesn’t say which devices, which makes it harder.I am not sure, if tablets or phone’s counts, too. Or VR-viewers.
Still, either way, you end up with a few opened tabs in the browser.

I tried to deauthorize all again and it worked.

I don’t have Sketchup on the phone, just on the PC.

The problem started when I opened 5 files at once.

Mike was theorizing about whether signing in on phone counts against your total desktop sign ins. I don’t think it does, I believe you get two sign ins per device type.