SU 2019 release - Classic vs Pro: one license, two computers

Can both Classic ($695) and Pro ($199) versions be run on two computers at the same time with a single license, or just the Classic version?

I think you mean the difference between classic license ($695) versus subscription ($299)?
Since the new version needs you to sign in on startup, it does not matter, they are both tied to your TrimbleID.
As with the classic license you may authorise two machines, but actually use one at the time, no changes regarding use of SketchUp.
If you use the same machine all the time, there is no actual need to sign out upon ending a session, your login info should be remembered, but if you are in a situation were you change machines on a regular base, signing out before ending a session might be useful, since you tend to forget on how many machines you have been working on.
All your devices can be deauthorizes through the ‘Manage License’ icon, or, if all your machines are swallowed by a humpback whale, by logging in to your Trimble account per browser.

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Yes, you´re right! My mistake, sorry. :sweat_smile:

I do not know if I understood what you said (or if it was me that was not clear in the question):

Is it possible to work on two separate machines at the same time with a single “Classic” license or a “Pro” license?

nope, needs obviously 2 licences (if different users).


It will work on 2 machines at the same time - however only ‘one user’ is allowed to use it… So you could say have your desktop and (say) a laptop next to it - both running SU Pro (same software as ‘Classic’ btw!) but working on different models…

what you cant do is have your desktop being worked on by you and the laptop version being used by someone else - as that would be a breach of the software license!

You can’t, however, install on 3 machines simultaneously… without 2 licenses… this is my issue (I have 2 x desktops - work and home - and 1 x laptop) grrr…