1 license with 2 computers


I just found out I can use 1 license with 2 computers in Sketchup Pro 2015. I just set my license up on a second computer and everything is working great. From what I read, the license will only allow 1 computer to work with the program when sketchup is running.
My license is working well on both computers at the same time and has been for at least 40 min.
What am I missing? Shouldn’t one of the programs shut down or kick me off. Im pretty sure I am not running a trial on either of them. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks


The two-license idea is that you have one Pro license on a desktop computer and the other one on your laptop.
That way you are unlikely to be using both licenses at the same time.
And because they’ll probably be remote from each other, then how would SketchUp know when you you had two licensed versions running ?
If there’s an Internet check, then temporarily having no connection to the web for one of the computers would sidestep that check too…
But it the two computers are connected to each other on a network, I’d expect only one to be allowed to claim the license.

There is a certain amount of ‘mensch-ness’ required in all of this…


even being able to circumvent the license mechanism regardless if intentionally or unintentionally this doesn’t mean, that running one (1) license parallel on two (2) systems isn’t a violation of the SketchUp Pro license agreement. The licensee in general is accountable to be in compliance with the license agreement concerned.