One SUPro 2016 License on Two PC's?

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A recent HDD failure on my main PC had me thinking, can you load one SUPro 2016 License on two PC’s. I mention this as while my main PC is being fixed, I loaded SU on a clean new backup PC with Win10Pro.

When I get my main PC back (+Win10Pro), can I load SUPro 2016 on this PC as well ?

I won’t be using two PC’s at the same time, just one at any one time. I can’t find a procedure for this, so is there an specific order I need to be aware of to achieve this ?

My CAD software has a log-off & log-on procedure for this, so is there something similar with SU.

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Hi @Clayton,

A SketchUp license is bound to one person and can be installed on two different computers but both machines cannot use SketchUp at the same time.

If you are reinstalling Windows on the same machine, you might very well be able to just enter your license information into the newly installed SketchUp and be up and running without any other steps as I believe the license validation is bound to your primary network interface MAC address. Therefore if its the same machine with the same MAC, there should be no problems.

You may also have a look at the license troubleshooter to help you navigate through the different options.


Hi Denisroy,

Thanks for your assistance on this, I’ve read the info on your link, it clearly says you have to remove your licence on one PC before using SketchUP on second machine.

The procedure as stated is:-

From pull down menu: select Help>License>Remove License

A confirmation dialogue will appear, click remove License.

The reverse procedure is true for activating your Licence again should you need to work on a second PC.

I’m now wondering how SU HQ knows this has been done ? … black magic !!

Well, I think when you remove your License, some form of internet info must be sent to SU HQ, other than that, it could well be…black magic :smile:

I’d like this confirmed though, just in case your internet connection is down & you think you’ve done the above procedure & your main PC is miles away at a repair shop & then find out your back up PC can’t activate SU…:scream:

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You can run a single license on two computer. I run my personal license on both my PC and MacBook Pro. At work I run SketchUp Pro on a desktop and a laptop PC. You must uninstall it from one of those computers to install it on a third.


@Clayton, You almost got it right. Just as @DaveR said, you only need to uninstall when you want to install on a third machine.

If for any reason you can not unistall (stolen computer), I’m assuming you can always contact SU by email to ask them to reset your registration info.

The black magic involved is most likely a simple “call home” the software is probably doing when you fire it up. :slight_smile:


Hi Denisroy,

It suggests that, by what people are saying/doing by experience, i.e. by not removing the License does not prevent SU use on a second PC…? (at one time only). May be SU HQ black-magic knows this & just allows you to continue anyway ?

I’ll still follow the procedure as per SU HQ set out, see screen capture from SU website. However, I also see from the link on DaveR’s post, SU use on two PC’s seems o.k. at any one time without the need to do the ‘Remove-License’ procedure. See the additional screen capture on this one.

Hi Clayton, hi folks.

Step 1 of the procedure begins with “If you’ll no longer be using it, …” to me this is clear that if you are still going to use it, you don’t perform this step.

Just ideas.


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Hi Jean,

Yes, their clarity of English perhaps has led to some confusion of interpretation. (me anyway)…:confused: But think Two PC’s is ok under one License without doing the remove procedure.

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[quote=“Clayton, post:8, topic:25578, full:true”]Two PC’s is ok under one License without doing the remove procedure.

… and without using at the same time.