Dual use computer issues

So I have a Pro license, which as I understood allows use of 2 computers per license. However, I’m only able to use either my desktop or laptop and can’t be logged into both and I’ve had multiple issues trying to log out of one and get logged back into the other. It keeps saying I’ve exceeded my license agreement. I’m about ready to pull my hair out I’m soooooo frustrated. Any advice on this?

Each version of SketchUp that you are signed into will count against the two you’re allowed. You could open older versions of SketchUp on both of your machines and make sure you are signed out from them. Then open the version you really are using and sign in on both computers. The subscription allows you to be signed in on two running copies of SketchUp, which ideally will be one version on two computers, and not two versions on one computer.

Once you are successfully signed in on both computers you should be able to stay that way for 28 days. After 28 days you may see a message saying that you’re not authorized, if you do, sign out and sign in again, and that will start a fresh 28 days in which you don’t need to sign out.