Sketchup Pro on 2 computers?

I put SU 2022 on my one computer and it works fine and would like to put it on my other new computer as well but after downloading seems to be a 30 day trial?
Please help
thank you,

Try signing out and signing back in.

Did so but still looks like trial version

Sign out, cold reboot of the computer, restart, sign in.

If not, maybe @colin will have a suggestion.

Ok Will try that thank you

Same thing thank you, here’s what im getting

Click the signout button at the top right and see f it’ll let you sign in again.

On the one hand says this" your signed into all things sketchup" and on the other hand still reads as trial version thank you

tried rebooting

Everything looks good on my other computer

New computer says trial version…

thanks for the help whenever you get a chance.

I think I see what’s happening. I have to sign out of one computer in order to sign into another.

Do you have a Classic license or a Subscription?

im not sure I think its a subscription because I just got it recently. If I have to sign out of one computer to use on my other I’m wondering if it will let me use all my extensions on both as well?
Trial and error :slight_smile:

Do you know who to talk to about purchasing another that will work on both computers - they are networked as well which may be an issue? all new for me

If you just got it recently it would have to be a Subscription license.

Extensions are installed locally so you have to have them on both computers to be able to use them.

I guess at this point wait for @colin to look in or you should be able to start a request through Customer Support at Of course it’s nearly 7:00 pm their time and so they probably wouldn’t see your request until tomorrow morning.

Ya thanks Dave1 its nearly 9pm CA time here…tomorrows another day.

thanks again,

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You have an email address that includes ‘mca’ in it. That’s the one you bought the subscription under, and it’s assigned to that address as well. Sign in with that email and you should see the subscription ok.

If you mean, as in Signing in under Trimble - Im aware of this. thanks

PS the clock on my new computer was 3 hours fast and I guess I thought it was 9pm when it was actually 6pm. LOL :upside_down_face:

If you mean that, a wrong system clock can cause signing in problems.