One licence / one user / 2 machines

hi there.
i’m using SU2021 on a desktop ( at my office) and on a laptop ( when i’m travelling ).
i’m using a single user licence on my two computer with an alternating use.
until today, i just need to logout from one and log in in the other one to work everywhere.
today, even if i’m log out from my desktop, i can’t use SU on my laptop.

also, sometime i forgot to logout SU from the Desktop, and i’m trapped with my useless laptop.

there is a trick to “auto - log out” or to have a permission for two machines on a single licence, with alternating use ?

thank for your help and have a nice day

Each sign in without a sign out counts towards your allowed number of sign ins, and that includes when signed in on two or three versions on the same computer. You could, in your on the road can’t use SketchUp on your laptop example, open 2019 or 2020, and make sure you are signed out from them, then sign out and in again on 2021.

If that doesn’t work, you can do these steps:

  1. Sign into here:

  1. Choose My Products, and in your SketchUp Pro subscription click on View Included Applications.

  2. In the SketchUp Pro box, click Manage Devices, and Deauthorize All.

Now you can sign out and in again, and it will work. Or close and reopen SketchUp may be faster.

That does leave the problem of when you are in the middle of nowhere and your phone battery has died, so you can’t get online. When you sign in on a computer that was deauthorized, the new authorizing it gets will last for 28 days. So, make sure to sign out an din again on your laptop if you are about to be offline for four weeks.

it Works !!

thanks a lot for this explenation and for getting back to me so quickly