License - Logging with Multiple Computers

I have a question. I have a license for sketchup pro. I am trying to do work from my home computer and then from my office computer. But with covid I work home half the time and the office the other half. I am trying to open my home computer but it is saying to manage license. I was wondering if it is possible to swap license easily between two computers with same seat. I am not trying to log at same times obviously. I feel that I should be able to use sketchup on multiple computers with the same seat. As long as I am not on at the same time. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance.

You should be able to reset or’deauthorize’ your devices if you click on the’manage subscriptions’ button or ‘manage my account’ when signed in to

Choose the right account ( not the free, the one that holds the pro plan) and look for ‘View included Apps’
There will be a bunch of apps with buttons (download/learn and ‘Manage Devices’
Click on it and confirm.
Then, you need to sign out in SketchUp and back in to see the changes.
(You can close all tabs in the browser)

I checked your licenses, and it looks like you don’t have a subscription, and are still using a 2018 license. If you were using 2019, which you have a license for, the signing in becomes easier. The 2019 installer is here:

If what Mike says doesn’t help, go here to retrieve your 2019 license, and apply that to each machine you need to use SketchUp on:

That is weird. My company has bought two pro subscription licenses. One with my email and another on another coworker.

Then, it has to be assigned to your’s and your coworkers’s email address.
The Trimble ID that buy’s the sub(s) get a seat automatically, and only when you log in with that Trimble ID, you get to distribute the seats.
check this:

Thank you very much for you response. I figure it out. I was looking under plan settings and not my products. We are all good to go.