Subscription for 2020 and 2021

I am wondering about the subscription price are we going to be able to use the subscription on 2 computers for 299 or do I need to purchase a subscription for each computer

My understanding is, it is good for two computers.

You can activate your SketchUp Pro Subscription license on 2 computers.
To deactivate you simply have to sign out in the Welcome to SketchUp window.

You can also choose to activate two versions of SketchUp Pro on the same computer. 2019 and 2020 currently. This will take up one activation each.

A license is (and was) personal, meaning, a person is allowed to use the software. With the classic license, this was managed by authorizing up to two machines via a serial number and authocode, but there was no direct link between the license info and the person, other then some administrative. It used to be a CD with a number on the box.

So basically, anyone who had the license info had access. The right to use the software is now tied to an unique Trimble ID, no more license info needed to authorise, just a sign in.

With subscription, you are allowed to use two ‘devices’ of the same kind (eg. 2 computers, 2 tablets/phones and 2 vr/ar/mr headsets)
Even if you buy 2 or more subscriptions, you still have this restriction
If you are (planning to) use SketchUp in your company for more users, it is best to buy these with a Company Trimble ID (eg. instead of using a personal email address.
These subs can then be assigned to individual employees in the Account Management Portal (and to yourself)

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A stricter form can be two-factor identification or bio (iris scan) Welcome in the brave new world.

Interesting question comes out of that. Normally the first seat is assigned to the person buying the seats, unless you uncheck a box to stop that. For an easy case of buying 5 seats, one would go to you, and the others would show up as Remaining Seats. If you later on buy five more seats, does our system check to see if you already have a subscription assigned, before assigning the first one to you?