SketchUp Pro Subscription and activations exceeded on only two computers?

I have a classic license for SketchUp Pro 2021 installed on two computers.
I have also a subscription for SketchUp Pro since last year - obtained from a Swiss reseller.
SketchUp Pro 2022 is the first version where a subscription is mandatory.
I have installed SketchUp Pro 2022 on the first computer and got everything working after loging into Trimble.

Now I installed SketchUp Pro 2022 as well on the second computer (which is 30km away)
After login into Trimble, I get the following message:
"You have exceeded the number of allowed activations.
To continue, please sign out of another instance of SketchUp, or use the link below to sign out of all versions you have authorized in the past. Then, click the profile icon above to sign out and try again."

The link to manage activations, brings me into the Trimble Account Mgmt page. But there is nothing listed except the members - there is only one member."

I thought I can install and use SketchUp Pro on two computers?
The subscription was never used on any computer except the two I installed SketchUp on.

How can I solve this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help.

It may be that you are signed in with the same email address on the Classic license, and that is taking priority over the classic license.

Try signing out from the Classic license machines, then sign out from the too many activations machine, and sign back in again.

After you have the two subscription machines working you should be able to sign in on the Classic machine to download from 3DW or EW.

Thanks colin

But not sure what you mean with signing out from the classic machines.
I have SketchUp Pro 2021 with the classic license installed on the same two machines where I installed now SketchUp Pro 2022.
I also opened SketchUp 2021 and logged out from Trimble, so that only the classic license could be seen by SketchUp 2021. I did this on the machine where starting up SketchUp 2022 gives me the error. But this did not help.
On the same two machines I also have SketchUp 2018, 2019, 2020 installed.

Close all instances of SketchUp and LayOut. Every version from 2019 will count as a ‘device’, better to reset them all by going to , choose ‘My Products’, expand via ‘View included apps’ and then click on the link in SketchUp Pro ‘Manage devices’
After that, restarting any app will prompt you to sign in again, accept for the ones that have a classic activation.
In those versions however, you need to sign in if starting a webbased functionality (geolocation, 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse)

Thanks. Assuming you refer to below.
I will try. Am I right, that clicking on one of the many “Manage Devices” links and choose “Deauthorize All” should be enough. Or do I have to do this for each listed product?

I clicked on the Manage Devices link of “SketchUp” , then clicked on “Deauthorize All” and started SketchUp Pro 2022, did a relogin and then it worked.
Great, thanks for your help

SketchUp alone would suffice, it ahould take into account the three apps (StyleBuilder, LayOut and SketchUp)
My guess is that they are their in case you would have started LayOut first on a new machine and encountered the ‘Too many devices…’

The viewers, however are seen as different type of devices (they are also ‘versionless’ in a sense that there is only one current downloadable version, and it doesn’t have an additional year in the name)

In general, a Trimble ID can have 3 sign in’s per type of device (3 on Desktop/laptop, 3 on mobile platforms (Android/IOS) and three on hololens.