Stuck in the "You have exceeded your allowed activations" loop

As in the title. I have two computers, and I have activated version 2022 with my subscription account on both. The older versions I have are activated with my old classic licenses. Today, starting with my laptop, far away from home, I get the “exceeded” message. Also after deactivating all in the account portal, and after restarting. @colin , can you take a look?

I am in the same boat, though haven’t hit this problem yet. I have wondered if the license manager is even capable of differentiating between the types. I’d like to keep the old versions on the old machines as I move on.

I wonder if the account manager uses my sign-in and ignores the classic licenses altogether…
Well, no playing with SU for the weeks I planned to be away from home…

The license manager had better be capable of dealing with this, else they can expect all extension developers to cease supporting old versions.

Good grief! I’d be furious.

Hi all, i’m also stuck in this loop with an employee. I’ve removed them as a user, activated their license, had them reinstall SketchUp and no luck. They have never logged on in any other computer besides the work desktop. Is there a fix for this?

You can have versions activated by the classic license (up to version 2021), but you have to be signed in for web services like the extension or 3D warehouse, and if you used the same Trimble ID, it kind of defeats the classic sign in with the serial number.
That’s because Trimble sign in’s doesn’t distinguish or recognizes the old licensing system.
You can only be signed in on three devices with a Trimble ID ( allowed two, btw). However you can reset it to zero when going into the AMP and go to ‘My Products’ , hit on ‘View included apps’ and then in the SketchUp app go to ‘Manage Devices’

Please note that this can only be done by the enduser (=Member).

Removing users or reinstalling doesn’t sign them out, they need to do it themselves. (

I do wonder if signing in to use web features on a Classic licensed machine will take one of your subscription seats if you happen to have a subscription with the same email address. Even if that is the case, deauthorizing all devices should remove the Classic machines from the list.

One thing you didn’t say whether you had done or not, is to sign out and in again. With 2021, it would automatically attempt to get authorized again, with 2022 that was changed, you need to manually sign out and in again, to get reauthorized.

Your case may be different. Each version of SketchUp that is signed in on one machine counts as another activation. See if they have 2019, 2020, 2021, as well as 2022 installed. Open the older versions and sign out from them. Then try a sign out, sign in, with the 2022 version.

Judging by the looks of this mess, the License manager needs to be reworked. I, like many, have run up against this issue.

I did. More than once.

Delete the login_session.dat file

It’s in:

C:\Users*USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp VERSION\SketchUp

You can quickly get to the folder with all versions by pasting %appdata%/sketchup into an file explorer address bar

That solves it for me 90% of the time.

What Adam suggested may solve things. I also emailed @Bryceosaurus to see if he can check for problems with your account.

That didn’t work either. It’s odd. I don’t remember starting any other versions on my home machine since I last used v.2022 on this one.

Hey Anssi you have multiple subscriptions. I looped you in on an email thread with Collin regarding what we should try to fix the issue.

~B )

Thanks @colin and @Bryceosaurus , after signing in today, it started working!

For anyone following along, the problem was what Bryce hinted at, there were two of the same kind of subscription for the same email address. We changed that to be one subscription.

It does still mean there is an imperfection in our system, and hopefully Bryce will get someone to look into that.