You have exceeded your allowed activations

I dont understand why I am seeing this. I use su on 2 devices only. Any ideas?

Each version of SketchUp you are signed into counts. If you still have 2021 installed, and are now using 2022, open 2021 and make sure you are signed out, on both machines. Then the sign in with 2022 on both machines should be ok.

If you’re still stuck, follow the steps in this article to deauthorize the other sign ins, wherever they are coming from:

Good Morning, still trying to solve my problem, I run SU2022 on two computers, my “garage” computer will allow me to sign in which i have not done. My main computer is still giving the the “exceeded” message I have tried going the managing subscriptions but no luck any other suggestions?
tks in advance for your help

After deauthorizing all devices you may still need to sign out and sign in again for SketchUp to see that there are now available activations.