It says I have exceeded my allowed activations 2023

type or paste code here
``` i try to sign in and go in circles to You have exceeded your allowed activations , have turned 
sketchup off on my other computer ??? help me  open sketchup !!! Don Greff

Sign out of SketchUp via the top right icon on that window. Then close SketchUp and Layout.
Log into your account management portal, and reset.

Please walk me thru step by step to reset. There doesn’t seem to be any way to do this.

Did you watch the video in the previous post?

where do i find that? I am absolutely new to this forum.

I have one installation of SU 2023 on my desktop and one on my laptop - never running simultaneously. Nothing else.
I uninstalled all my older versions, rebooted, same problem, like from a Twilight Zone

Immediately above your first post.

Click on the Play button.


I deauthorized all my activations and i still cannot open SU.

What is the difference between a Classic License and a Subscription Plan?

The Classic license was discontinued several years ago. You can only purchase a subscription license for SketchUp 2023 now.

I see.
I have had a subscription for two years.
FWIW my SU 2023 opens on my laptop without a problem.
Could it be a problem with my desktop?

And thank you for taking time to help me sort this out.

When you try opening it on your laptop and you get the message that you’ve exceeded your activations, click the button at the upper right corner of the window to sign out. After you do that go back to your Trimble Connect account and deauthorize devices again. After that you should be able to sign in on your laptop.

As for a problem with your laptop, I suppose there could be a process running that needs to close. Wouldn’t hurt to do a power-off reboot.

Press windows key + R on your keyboard

paste this into it

%appdata%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2023\SketchUp

click ok and it will open a folder

delete the file called login_session.dat

Try starting SketchUp again

Thank you.
I have been converted into a believer in this forum.

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just want to add that I tried this without restarting my computer and it did not work,
But once iIrestarted all was goog.
Make sure to restart your computer!
thank you all for the help.

It shouldn’t matter, but sometimes that is the simplest way to close down any running SketchUp related software that might be hanging around - that must have been what happened to you.

I had the same problem and followed all of the instructions above. I then signed back into all things sketchup and opened the program…

now it says…We are experiencing technical difficulties…the license is corrupt…

What now?

Are you still using SketchUp 2019 like your profile shows?