You have exceeded your activations

I bought a new computer. new one to the office and old one to home, home computer to be donated.

So I load sketchup 2023 to the new computer and I cannot log in.

I get this message:

You have exceeded your allowed activations

To continue, please sign out of another instance of SketchUp, or use the link below to sign out of all versions you have authorized in the past. Then, click the profile icon above to sign out and try again.

I remove the installation off the retired computer, no change.

I send a report into Sketchup, they tell me with the new subscription system and the login requirement, as long as the other computers are not on and logged in, you can access Sketchup from any computer. No more deactivating your license on one computer in order to use another computer.

Great, but even with all my other computers off, I still cannot start or use Sketchup. I continue to receive the EXCEEDED message.

The exceeded message allows one option: “Manage Activations”.

ALl that does is allow me to change my subscription info. No control over where or what computers sketchup is on.

Of course Sketchup is impossible to call and their email response time sucks. I love the program and have used it for almost 10 years.

All this extra security and subscriptions (which I like because we get program updates all the time and 3rd party programmers are providing ne stuff all the time), BUT the security is tedious and it doesn’t work. One of the reasons that I always loved Sketchup is that I could jump on and use it. It was user friendly. Now it seems that there are electronic security guards watching for piracy and making it impossible for legit users to actually use it.

Please help I need to get things done, clients are calling. I do not have alternatives.

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When you follow the link it gives, where you say you can only change your subscription, click the link that says, View Included Applications, then in the Sketchup Pro section you should have a link to Manage Devices, click that and click Deauthorize All.
Then try to start Sketchup again, you may need to use the little person Icon top right to Sign out and then back in again to get it to work.

That worked. Would have liked that info a week ago.


Same problem. Extremely frustrating. Lost time on a project. Trimble: FIX THIS ISSUE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

It is probably the price you pay for being able to use SketchUp offline for almost a month at a time and on two computers. For instance, Rhino’s Cloud Zoo activation works simpler, but you have to have a working Internet connection every time you start Rhino.

I yearn for the old days when you bought the copy of software and the license and that was it.
Nothing get’s simpler or less expensive

Why are you yelling at me, all I did was explain how to do it.



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Glad you got this sorted, I agree it’s not an obvious process, it caught me out recently when i got a new machine!

The forums are great for getting ideas from fellow users, but are not continuously monitored by members of staff, so as a subscriber please do use customer support at for access issues like this in future to get unblocked.


I have the same initial problem, but the fix as described did not work for me. Instead I get a pop up window that says, “Auth token cannot be used. The user must sign in.” but I am signed in. This is killing my office’s productivity, and SketchUp is just too clunky of a bureaucracy to help, it seems. I really hate this subscription stuff.

Are you on Windows or Mac?

The solution that worked for me was deleting the login_session.dat file:

  • For Mac users, locate the login_session.dat file in your Library folder. (The path for this file should be Library/ApplicationSupport/SketchUp[Version Year]/login_session.dat)

  • For Windows users the file is located in C:\UsersUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp VERSION\SketchUp