Problem with sign-in

Hi. I encountered strange behavior with Sketchup 2023 when trying to sign in. A following message appears:You have exceeded your allowed activations. I have a Mac and a Windows machine and there is no problem with Windows. In the Mac, when opening SU 2022 there is also no problem. I checked all my activations several times, even on the SU for iPad. Also I restarted the computer and even reinstalled SU. This weird behavior appeared suddenly, earlier SU opened normally. Has anybody encountered similar behavior?

go back to 22, and log out from there. it should do the trick.

You can activate 2 versions of SU.

So if you have SU22 pc and SU22 mac working ok, off course you can’t access SU23, since your 2 activations are already taken.
so you need to log out on one of the SU22 to log in on SU23. or in your preferences (on SU’s website) you can lof off from everything all at once.