SU PRo wont have exceeded your allowed activations

I keep getting this error when i try to open SU pro. I have paid for a full year and this is the first time i have seen this.

I have SU pro installed on 2 PC’s and my laptop. But for some reason i cant open SU pro on one of my pc’s.

this just started happening. I purchased my license 2 months ago.

i only haev one machine signed in. I have even tried to sign out of all other instances.

i usually hae my laptop and PC signed in at the same time with no issues. But now nothing is signed in and i get this error


each subscription allows for login on 2 devices, and 1 iPad. this error shows when that device count is exceeded.

Here’s what to do when you get this error message.

Visit your Account Management Portal, and on the My Products Page, under “View Included Applications”, select Manage Devices. Open the pop up and deauthorize all. then re-open sketchup and log in.

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Then re-open SketchUp and login.

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ok, so signing out of all the machines is not going to help, what it has done is registered each device with trimble servers so i have to deauthorize one of them. Ok that makes sense. thanks

Also note that if you have activated more than one version of SketchUp (like 2023 and 2022) on a single computer, they count the same as one version on two computers. Dumb, but that’s how it is.