SketchUp Pro 2020 on second computer (?)

I have Su Pro 2020 subscription on my desktop computer. I just bought a laptop, can I have it also as part of my subscription on my new laptop, or do I have to get the free SU 2017?
I do most of my work on my desktop computer but I take the laptop with me when I need to show the drawings to my clients.

Thank you

You may install and activate on two machines, but can be logged in on three.
Note that each activation of a version of SketchUp counts as a device.
You can deauthorize these activations or logins by going to, select My Products, hit ‘View includes Apps’ and then click on ‘Manage Devices’ in the bottomright of the SketchUp Pro app.

Thank you Mike!!
I just downloaded it into my new laptop and works well, I just need to get my extensions.
Now I have to see if I can do the same with my ACAD subscription :thinking: