Can I run Sketchup Pro on 2 separate computers?

I have Sketchup Pro '21. I’ve been using it on my laptop, but now I’d also like to run it on my desktop. This way I can do most of the design on the PC in the house and keep the laptop in the workshop to review/modify models.

I tried installing Sketchup Make '17 on the laptop, but it won’t open models made with newer versions.

Thanks for any feedback

The short answer is yes. One is allowed 2 activations. If at a later date just make sure if you are removing SketchUp from one machine to de-activate it.

btw, the SU Make version is for non-commercial purposes only.

Cool. I’ll try that.


Yea, I know. I’d rather use SU 21 Pro, but I wasn’t sure if I could install it twice.

Regardless, I’m not doing anything commercial. Just retirement hobbies.