Moving SU Pro 2020 to another computer?

I understand with my subscription I can have SU Pro on two computers for use by just myself. I am looking to work with SU Pro on my new computer but from time to time I will need to use it on my first computer. The instructions in the Support page guide me to “Deactivate” on all devices. But it does not explain what or how to do anything beyond that point. Do I need to go thru the download process again? Do I need to do this each time I want (or need) to use SU Pro on my other computer?


You can keep SketchUp installed on both computers, and be signed in on both. If you have a need to use your SketchUp subscription while away from both computers, you might then use the deauthorize all devices option, to let you sign in on another computer. If you needed to do that, make sure to sign out before you leave, so that your own computers have the spare sign in capacity.

This FAQ entry talks about the situation as well:

Thank you, so to confirm, I simply need to download SU Pro to my second computer then be sure that I am only logged into one computer at a time? And I do not need to deactivate anything?

That part is confusing, but the FAQ answer states that you can be signed in on two computers (or two versions of SketchUp that are on the same computer). There is other wording that says you can only be using one of the computers at a time, which as there is only one of you, that’s bound to be the case.

The word deactivating comes more from the Classic license days, where you would actually remove the license to deactivate SketchUp. With subscriptions the term is deauthorize, which means that to continue using SketchUp you would need to sign out, and sign in again, to reauthorize that computer.

You don’t need to do that, unless like I was saying, if you needed to sign in on a third computer, deauthorizing all devices would make sure that the sign in you’re about to do will work.