One license, two machines?

I am looking to purchase a SketchUp Pro license, but want to be sure I can have the program and use it on both PC and laptop without buying two licenses. Sorry if it’s an obvious one - I guess that there’s a ‘sign in’ that allows only one program to be used at once, which will be fine for me?

If you get a SkecthUp Pro classic licence you can install it on two computers e.g. your laptop and desktop. You can’t mix Windows & Mac though, you have to choose Mac or Windows when you buy the licence.

There’s a bit about licensing here

The subscription seems similar in that you can have it installed on two computers.

No, license is ‘agnostic’ and can be used on Mac and Windows. Changed after version 2013, I believe…

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That’s good to know. I looked through some old emails and it was specific to OS X / Windows in 2014 and agnostic in 2015. I never noticed the change.

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The same SketchUp on two computers applies to the subscription version too. If it’s you on both machines, you only need one license or subscription.