Multiple computers

I intend to buy a single sketchup pro licence, and would like to use it on 2 different computers, as allowed by the sketchup pro licence.
Would this work with two différent Os (mac and windows)?
Thank you

Yes. That will work. The license is not platform specific.

Thank you! Good to know.

I’ve been meaning to test this. I did just install SketchUp Pro 2018 under Windows 10, saw the Add License button, and used the serial number and authorization code I had used for macOS. As Dave suggested, it worked fine.

I have long used this to install on Windows running in Parallels on my Mac, so that I can test my extensions on both platforms.

I’ve been running SketchUp Pro on both PC and Mac since 2009. It used to be that I had to have two separate licenses. It was nice when they made the licenses universal.