Pro Licence: share between my desktop Mac and my macpro: is it possible?

Can I use my sketchup Pro on my desktop Mac and my macPro?
I have started a project on my IMac, but I need to complete the rendering with Vray.
Due to processor, I am doing a bipartition on my MacPro.
Can I use the same licence?

A normal (not network) Pro licence allows you to install and use the programme on two computers, but not simultaneously.

One on a laptop and one on a desktop is a common use pattern.


This is what I have commonly seen on this forum. I wanted to try to check it at source, so looked up the Pro EULA, at

I’ve now read it three times, and can find no reference to how many computers you can install it on.

@colin. Am I looking in the right place? Maybe the usage limitation is somewhere else?

check here:

License restrictions talk about ‘Virtual environments restrictions’ but I guess you mean a BootCamp partition, which counts as another machine when logging in with a Trimble ID but not for Classic licenses.
When adding the classic license (Which has a serial number and autho code) It connects it to the Mac- Address, which is the same for both.

You have a Pro subscription, and can be signed in on two systems. Whether you are using Bootcamp, Parallels, or some way to do macOS in a virtual environment, having SketchUp signed in with macOS and signed in with any virtual machine, would have taken both of your sign ins, even though it’s the same physical computer.

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I read your other topic. If you are going to use Bootcamp, you may as well sign out from SketchUp before each time you’re going to reboot into the other system. That will help to keep your second sign in available for your other computer.

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Thanks heaps Colin!
I’ll keep that in mind