Multi Operating systems

Does the license for Sketchup allow the use of BOTH Windows and Apple operating systems?

I live and work in two different areas. At one place I use Apple computers and in the other I use Windows 10. Is there a license that would allow the use of both, but NOT at the same time?

The pro license lets you use sketchup on two different machines, I have sketchup installed on a MacBook and on an desktop PC.

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Thank you. Do you have access to all your same projects from both machines and operating environments?

Not automatically, but the pro license gives you acces to unlimited data storage on Trimble connect, a cloud platform, you can upload your file there and download it to both of your machines. It’s not good idea to work from clothe cloud or from external storage devices, it’s known that it’s the #1 cause to get corrupted files, sometimes it’s possible to recover them but other times they just get filled with zeros and all the data is gone forever, so you better work from the internal storage of your pc and Mac and upload to Trimble connect once you finish a work session.

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Thank you for taking the time on this question. This was helpful.

You’re welcome.