Same user Mac & Windows

Hello Good People,

just a simple question, I bought a yearly license subscription for sketch up, and I am using it on my personal Mac book pro, can i use the same license on the windows Sketch up? or shall i buy a separate subscription for windows versions?

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Yes, you can but not at the same time… If you have a suscription, please update your profile, it says you are using Free Plan

Thanks for the confirmation,

mentioning “not at the same time” means i shall logoff my mac in order to access it on the Windows?

and one more thing, if i am doing some design on the mac, can i continue working the same design on the windows,

reasons Im asking is that my company uses windows, and some times i need to work from home using my mac.

Thank you

I have both, windows and mac. I only close the app, you don’t need to log off.

Yes, you can save the file on windows and continue at home with the same file in your mac. You also can save or publish the file in Trimble Connect and work with that file, also with SketchUp web.

Thank you

Much appreciated

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really ?

because right now I have both opened, on the mac and the PC. and the mac one has been open since early morning, the PC one I opened and closed several time during the day.

pretty sure a seat allows two activations at the same time. or I’ve been lucky :slight_smile:


I understand it does. The odd thing about this is that every old version you have installed and are logged into counts as another activation, even on the same computer.

yeah, that’s annoying when doing migration :slight_smile: can’t have 22+23 opened on both PC and mac at the same time. have to do one then the other.

so to sum up, it’s either two different number version on a machine
two machines running whatever version you want.

plus an ipad.
wonder if there is a limit on how many go/web version can be opened at the same time.

Well, right now you make me doubt. I always close one before opening the other. I’ll try it tomorrow anyway.

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IPad will count as a ‘Mobile device’ (tablets,phones,ios/android)
Then you have goggles or AR/MR devices (hololens,quest, etc) and the mentioned ‘devices’ on clients (SketchUp version running on a PC or Mac)

All three different types are allowed to be activated by the same Trimble ID on two of those.
(+ one spare for desktops)

Tested and you were right! I have both open. I have lost a lot of time closing the mac app to open the windows one. :wink:

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