Help please guys

Hi all, i have decided to swap over to a workstation(pc) from Mac. The question is… I have two users one needs to remain on my one mac and the other need to go onto windows. Is this possible? do i need to sign out on the one mac and download and sign up on the new pc? other question is. Once i have created a model on the mac can I continue to work on this on the pc? thanks in advance

I don’t know how the current subscription licensing works. The no-longer-available classic perpetual licenses allow two concurrent users to run a given version of SketchUp. One such user could be on a Mac and the other user could be on a PC/Windows, I believe.

SketchUp model files are interchangeable between Mac and PC. You should not simultaneously edit a given model on more than one system, but alternately editing a model on a Mac and a PC is fine.

Note also that a SketchUp license is issued to a single user. The ability to install on multiple computers is intended, for example, so that you can run one copy on your desktop and one on your laptop. It is not meant to enable simultaneous use by multiple people on multiple computers. For that you need a different kind of license. Contact the sales people about that.

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