Transfer my Pro PC to MAC?

Greetings! I bought the PC pro version but my computer died shortly after. Now I have a MAC. Is it possible to switch versions without buying it all over.? I barely used my PC version :frowning:

For now, try installing the trial version. that will buy you a little time, and you can contact the SketchUp support folks to get the licensing sorted out.

I don’t see any reason why you should have to buy a 2nd license, I’m sure they’ll be accommodating in this area. . . but then I cant speak on their behalf. I’m just a normal user.

I’m sure you’re okay.

The trail version will get converted into your full version of SketchUp, once you add in your serial number/licensing info, and register the product. So you won’t be wasting any time by installing it – it will just convert over.

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No worries if your license is for SU 2015

See the Release Notes — SketchUp Pro 2015 and SketchUp Make 2015

There are no longer separate licenses for PC and Mac.
Single-user and network licenses are now platform independent.”

Thanks Geo, I think I bought mine in '13 though. So is there anyway to transfer it you think? Iam on the 30 day trial now but what happens when its over? I used the same email for registrations…

Thanks Jim! Iam on the trial now. I hope I dont get charged! I guess I should try digging up my serial number huh.


I just went from V8 Pro on my mac to V15 Pro on my new Pc for just a small upgrade fee and as Geo stated the license did not care whether I applied it to a mac or pc.


Yes the serial number is needed which I had, but there was a link to go find your number if you didn’t have it.

Here’s where to begin for … Upgrading your SketchUp Pro License