Operating systems

Hi all. I have a Mac and run SU Pro 2020, can I switch my Licence to a Windows based machine, I am not on subscription


Yes you can. If you are going to stop using SketchUp on the Mac, remove it’s license before you close it to make sure you free the license up for the future.

Thanks Dave, however aint brought me machine yet, got to convince her indoors its worth it, so can you enlighten this idiot, do I just down load onto windows from SU, ?if I still can

Once you get 'er indoors convinced and you’ve got the new computer home, go to sketchup.com/download/all and download SketchUp 2020. Once you have it downloaded onto the computer, find it in the Downloads folder. Right click on it and choose Run as administrator to install it. After it is installed, you should be able to open it and enter your license info in the Classic license section. It’ll be a good idea to find that e-mail to get the license info or go to https://www.sketchup.com/license/renew and get it.

Happy days, (ish) really struggling , I have a good mac, but do a lot of Twinmotion and VRAY just got VRAY 5, and the graphics aint the best, so searching for decent spec Windows