SketchUp license with Bootcamp

I have a Mac, but occasionally have to use the Windows-version of SketchUp (our company has a Windows-only add-in developed). The license I use seems to indicate the Bootcamp partition as two different machines when you run it natively (dual-boot) versus virtually (inside Parallels). I can activate the same license perfectly fine in both configurations, but cannot switch. So if I activate in Parallels, it needs to be reactivated in Bootcamp and vice-verse.

I understand this is probably a non-supported case, but it is very inconvenient, to say the least. As the license is accepted in both environments, it feels quite limiting.

which SU version?

assuming that you have activated your SUP v2015 license under native Mac OS too and being aware, that a SUP license is entitled to be installed on max. 2 systems, the 2 Windows ‘machines’ are probably - based on their NICs - evaluated as 2 different systems and therefore as a 3rd product activation.

System Requirements:

Neither BootCamp, VMWare nor Parallels are supported environments.

License Types : Single User:

A Single-user license is assigned to one person and can only be used by
the registered user. That individual can install the license on two
computers that they use. This is typically a work computer/Desktop and a

It’s SketchUp 2015 Pro. I understand that these environments might pose problems, but to my (humble) understanding, I only use it on my Mac (= my laptop) and on Windows (= my pseudo-desktop). But the Bootcamp and Parallels, even if they are the same files on the same drive and can only run one or the other at the same time, are seen as two different machines by the SketchUp license utility.

I can reactivate the license, but have to redo this when changing between regular and virtual boot. Not sure if there is a license activation cap that will prevent me from activating after a few switches…

My Autodesk software (AutoCAD, Revit) seems to better survive rebooting. I think they get activated twice. Parallels is a supported environment by ADSK though.