Unable to de authorize devices so I can use latest version

Just what is the deal here. I downloaded the latest version of pro but can’t use it because “supposedly” I have to many devices using sketchup. Verified 100% false. So I go to account and de authorization every device but get the same result when trying to open sketchup. I know this topic is an old one so apologies for the redundancy but I would like to use the latest version as I always have since sketchup came into existence. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Sign out of SketchUp in the top right corner of the box that is warning you of your activations.

Close all SketchUp and Layout windows.

Sign in to the portal here - Trimble | Account Management
Sign back in

Thank you. Problem solved. You would think after using sketchup for 23 years I would have been able to figure that out…