SKETCHUP subscription plan login issues

I am having a problem with SketchUp PRO 2022 subscription, from the beginning of the subscription and I would like to see if other people have the same issue or is it just me and perhaps I do something wrong.

I have two computers, one in the office and one at home. I am in the office 2-3 times a week and the rest I work from home. Every now and then I have a problem with - usually Layout, which doesn’t seem to recognize my device and I have to log into SketchUp and manage my devices, deauthorize all.

It does.t take long and it did seems to solve the problem, but it is quite annoying when I am in a hurry to show my boss something I was talking about…

I never used my software license anywhere else and as far as I know, I am allowed to use the software on 2 different computers. I am the only user of both computers and nobody had access to them. Not even as a guest.

Unless someone broke into it and uses it that way…Would it be possible to find that out?

Thank you

Each version of SketchUp you sign into counts as another activation. If you still have any older versions of SketchUp installed, and you’re not using them, open them up and do a Sign Out. That will free up your activations to be used in SketchUp 2022.

If you only have SketchUp 2022 installed on the two computers, then it would be a mystery why you are using up your activations. I can ask my colleagues to look at your account activity, to see if anything looks strange.

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Thank you for your time and help.

Yes, please, look into my activations, because I only use SketchUp on my 2 computers. Nobody has access to neither my computers neither the software and key. Unless someone managed to break in my computer .

I was looking for evidence fir this - searches and others, but I didn’t find any signs.

I did have administrator issues with files before on my old laptop, but not since I have my new laptop. I never installed the subscription on the old laptop, just the desktop version 2018. It’s pretty much out of order, unable to connect to the internet.

I have only 2 computers and I usually doesn’t sign in to use SketchUp on either of them. Only when I am asked to sign in.

I never had a subscription before , I have a desktop version of 2018.

This is why it’s odd.

So estimes I am working in Layout and in the middle of it, when I about to open an earlier version in another window it doesn’t let me. It states that I can finish working in the actual file, but can not open any new??!!!

Them I usually have to close everything and sign in ,re-open SketchUp and Layout and all the files I was working on.

I work full time whilst juggling children and childcare, hence I partly work from home. It would make life easier to get rid of all the unnecessary distractions.

Thank you

If at some point you want to fix 2018, read my post here:

I will find out which colleague I should ask to take a look at your account.

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My old laptop is old, so it has problems connecting to the internet and has other issues too, but Sketchup PRO 2018 was running fine the last time I checked. It was set up for my daughter to play, but than you for the post.

thank you for looking into this.

Chatted with a colleague in support, and one idea I had was that your login_session.dat files may be in a confused state. You can delete those files and fresh ones will be created when you open SketchUp.

On Windows you can open the File Explorer window, and paste this into the path field:

%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2022\SketchUp\

That’s where the login_session.dat file is. If you don’t have extensions showing the file will be named login_session. Delete that file on both PCs, and see if things improve.

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Thank you Colin,

I will try it if I run into this problem again.

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