Subscription and Administrator problems

Im having problems after i have just purchased SketchUp Pro after having the Free download version. I accidently added myself in my Trimble Account as a restricted user and now its like ive lost myself as the Admin. When i go into my portal the only left hand tag i now have is “My Products”. Whereas before it had “Members” etc and other folders.
When i try to log into SketchUp Pro 2023 its says my 30 Day Trial is over… So i click the “Already Purchased” link. It then takes me to the LICENSING page and the two tabs i have are "Subscription Plan and Classic Plan. Subscription Plan notes EXPIRED so i click on “Get Help Here” From here it send me to a troubleshoot webpage where none of the suggestions are relevant.

I feel because i restricted my account initially to a user im having these problems.

Please help

Maybe @colin could check on this, but it’s Friday evening so don’t expect a solution until Monday probably.
Are you able to use the software anyways?

Im not able to use the software unfortunately. It was all fine when i had the free version. But now its like ive lost all the permissions. Ive uninstalled and re-installed. All the same problem tho. What’s the process of having someone from SketchUp reset my account. ??

I don’t know what’s the process but as I said the timing was the worst possible, it’s Friday night and I’m not sure if any sketchup member is going to be around during the weekend and even if someone is I don’t know if it’s going to be possible to do something until Monday or if they have access remotely to help you with this issue.

Thats ok. Im happy to wait until Monday. Thanks a lot for responding here. Ive been trying to work it out for about 4 hours today

Thanks a lot

You might have used a different email address to purchase the product.
What product do you see?
If it’s the purchased product, be sure to sign in in SketchUp with the same email as you’re seeing in that portal.

I did take a look, and only see the free entitlement, and a trial that ended on August 10th.

I couldn’t see a direct subscription purchase from you, did you get the subscription via a distributor? If you did you should contact them as well.

Thanks all. Ive forwarded the purchase invoice to the distributor so hopefully i get some feedback shortly