Customer support keeps saying its having technical difficulties: NO SUPPORT

I paid 239.20 on April 19, 2022. The amount was charged on my credit card, but as of today when I log in, sketchup only allows the free trial. No license was ever issued. I sent an email weeks ago and have not received any response. Also, on 3 occasions the website would not allow me to send a message due to maintenance issues. As of today, the website says it is having technical difficulties!!

Make sure you log into the portal and assign yourself the license.
Members tab > Select your name > Modify Product Access > Check the box

I checked, and it will be what Kyle said. Sign into this page:

For SketchUp Pro, choose Members, then in the members list add yourself as the user of the subscription.

This article shows the steps:

Hello Skp team,
Thank you for your attention, but I still need help.
I am logged in. The following tabs shown below:
• Under subscription plan, it says trial added, expiring 5.28.22
• Under pay history, approved and paid
• Under Plan settings tab - status active, plan skp pro/annual plan
• Under Members tab - product access, 2 prod: skp studio 30day trial/skp free
• Under my products - same as above, free/trial

It appears the subscription plan does not matchup. When I tried to use it, it said I needed to add a license and that if I would like to try the 30day trial. I went ahead with the trial because I couldn’t get help and I needed to export an stl file.

Thank you KyleB and Colin.

I clicked the check box under Prod Access and now realize the 3 dots enables me to modify it. I was able to check mark my plan. It now shows 3 products.

Thank you Colin for the link. The guide was helpful.

Hopefully, I won’t have any issues. Hate to complain, but don’t you think after you pay for a plan it should automatically give you access without having to log in? :slight_smile:

Well, thank you for your support!!

It usually does assign automatically when buying, but if one unchecks that box, it doesn’t.
The system also lets the Account owner assign more seats if available to other endusers or ‘Members’.