Getting Started from basic


Paid up my subscription, software downloaded but I am still getting the message that my free trial is over. I don’t have any licence number. How do I get started? Would love help. Cheers!

You need to sign in using the email address you used when getting your subscription. Click the little icon at upper right of the SketchUp window.

I have! I feel like I have tried everything!

When you clicked that were you taken to a web page to sign in to all things Trimble?

no … just sketchup.

Which variety of subscription did you purchase? @colin may be able to look it up and verify status.

I found your subscription, it isn’t assigned to anyone yet.

Sign into this page:

Choose Members, and then in the list of members click on the three dots at the right end of the line for your entry. In there you can set what products you have access to.

I have now done that but still can’t get on …. what do I need to do next please as it really isn’t clear. Thanks for your help.

After assigning the subscription you would then need to sign out and sign in again inside SketchUp, and the subscription should show as active.

It keeps saying launch browser again. I have logged in and out and restarted the computer…

and when I click launch browser nothing happens. I have gone to the browser and signed out and in and out…

Check in system preferences what your default browser is. Try choosing a different browser.

Was on Google chrome so I opened safari and got the same message

Hi Colin

Is there any helpline for Sketchup as I still cannot get this app to open. I worked with the trial perfectly but not since I have purchased. Who can help me?