Just Renewed SketchUp Pro. Now I'm locked out. Help!

Greetings. I’m a newbie, so please be gentle. I’ve been using SketchUp for the past several years, and my Pro subscription has renewed with no issues – until this year. First, I was charged twice. That was eventually resolved, but now I can’t get into any of my SketchUp Pro files AT ALL. I had to do a free trial, just so I could keep up with current projects, deadlines, etc. What should I do? I just want to click on my files again and start working. Beyond stressed out!

You can’t log in on the web browser or what is happening when you try to open sketchup?, how many sketchup accounts do you have? @colin can check this for you,

Contact Support and open a ticket.

And please put correct information in your profile. It helps us help you.

Check if the email address that you use in SketchUp has product access:
Go to myaccount.trimble.com and check the member section.

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Thank you for responding. I went to my account at myaccount.trimble.com, and it only shows the stupid 30-day free trial I signed up for, just so I can keep using SketchUp. I really feel like this all stems from when I was double charged at subscription renewal. They just refunded half my money and inadvertently shut down my account. I just wish I could speak with a real person there. I feel incredibly stupid and helpless.

Thank you so much for responding. 1) The email address I use in SketchUp does not have product access. 2) I would gladly put correct information in my profile. It was late at night and I was desperate. I didn’t receive a Bug Splat number for my situation. Also, I know I have the most recent version of SketchUp, but I don’t know what the official name of it is. Thanks for encouraging me to get my profile right. I’ll work on it.


Thank you for responding. I went to my account at myaccount.trimble.com, and it only shows the 30-day free trial I signed up for, just so I can keep using SketchUp. I really feel like this stems two things: 1) I recently switched to a new computer, and I probably didn’t do that transfer correctly, and 2) as I alluded to before, I was double-charged at subscription renewal time; I complained; then shortly thereafter my Pro account inadvertently got shut down. That’s all I can think of.

And in regards to your question about how many accounts I have. I am supposed to only have one. Should I ask your man @colin to check this?

I don’t see any problems with your subscriptions. One thing that it could be is that in the account management page on the left is a menu that shows which account you’re viewing. If that says Personal instead of Design Giant, change to Design Giant.

Something else occurred to me. The 30 day trial is for the Studio version. You could well have an active Pro subscription and still see a message about the Studio trial expiring at the end of May. Check to see if you see a message about the subscription being Active. If it is, your Pro subscription is ok, and your Studio trial will still let you try Studio features until May 29th.

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You guys are the best. Yes. The issue has been resolved. I’m blown away with how supportive the SketchUp community is. Thank you


Whle you’re here please correct your profile. That information helps us help you better and more quickly. Put the SketchUp version in the right location. What operating system? What graphics card?

I renewed SU Pro in January, and I’m locked out today.

I notice in my profile the Pro version, and I also have 2 free versions (can’t tell when they end or ended).

I also seem to have 2 accounts (both personal)

What to do to get operational again? I tried suggestions in this thread without success.

Your subscription looks ok. If you get to the SketchUp welcome screen, click on the avatar in the upper right, and make sure it shows the email address that you also use in the forum.

Even if it does, try a sign out, then sign in again.

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