Find my subscription Info?

Just tried to open a file and it says my subscription has expired? I just paid for it a few months ago.

I look in My Products and don’t see my 2021 subscription?

Check the Members area, does it have any?
If not, add the email address that you use when signing in into SketchUp, or else, use the email address that has the seat taken.

yeah I signed out then in again. Sorry Mike but how do I get to the members area?? I just received thru email my lic # and authorization code, but SUp doesn’t recognize it.

Found my Installer for 2021, thought I’d be smart to try and install it again but got this message …1asu

I think I see what is wrong. The email you use in the forum has the free and trial things you showed. Your Pro subscription is under your email address. If you have one of those, try signing in with that one instead.

yeah just tried my live email but get-

A user with the given email doesn’t exist. Please signup below.

So how else can I get this fixed? I don’t see anything about 2921 in my account, just the 2015 I used to use.

does anyone have an inside contact with Trimble?

I’d reach out directly to support to get this ironed out: Support - Technical Support | SketchUp Help

Jody, using that Support they ask for my license # which I don’t have?

If you are signed in with the email that has the subscription, then the support page shouldn’t ask you for a serial number. Did you see my message about how your subscription is assigned to your email address?

Yeah I used the wrong email it looks like but someone from Trimble actually called me and they’re looking in to it and will call me back! I think this is the first time for a call from a software company!

OK I was using the wrong email. Had to reset my password and am now signed in and see my SUp subscription which ends in November but I still can’t open SUp,

so what do I do next??

SketchUp doesn’t open by clicking in the account management page. You can download the installer, if you don’t already have it, from that Download link in the SketchUp Pro box. When you have the installer you then install SketchUp, and would open it from the shortcut on your desktop, or from the Start menu. You rarely need to go back to the account management page.

No I was clicking the shortcut on my desktop. So I need to reinstall it again now?

I do have the installer I saved, should I run as Admin when I install?? Do I need to Remove it first??

why did this happen anyway, so it doesn’t happen again.

If you run as admin you should get a Repair option, no need to remove it first.

OK did that but get this mssg.

Why did SUp do this, stop working?
I’ll have to rest the toolbars now I expect?

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Looks like you were trying to install the earlier release of 2021. Go to and download the latest release. Then right click on it and choose Run as administrator followed by the Repair option.

You shouldn’t need to do that.

OK downloaded, ran as Admin, Repair

but get this mssg again …

OK, I signed in again and finally have SUp back again!

why did all this happen anyway?

Every 28 days you need to sign in to your Trimble account. It’s a thing tied to the subscription. I expect you ran into that sign in thing but then when you used the wrong e-mail address and changed your password (or tried to) things got balled up. The 28 days will come and go again and you’ll need to sign in after that. Might be a good idea to make a note and stick it on your computer showing the right e-mail address to use.